Moving Abroad

We understand that removals to Europe are likely to take more planning than removals within Lithuania. At Kraustau we combine our experience of international removals with local expertise; therefore we can always meet your specific needs. At Kraustau we have experience of international removals to some of the most popular destinations in Europe including Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy or Norway. By having well developed network of international partners we can ensure fast and efficient deliver of your goods to any part of Europe or all over the World.


Depending on your needs, we offer :
  • Enclosed storage
  • Packing and wrapping
  • Pickup, delivery to warehouse
  • Customs clearance and documentation



Would you require storage place before or after you move? Whether you are apartment- hunting or planning to move in a bit latter, we are always pleased to arrange local storage service for you. You can always choose from a number of different options and we will arrange secure storage of your goods in any EU country.


Certainly, we hope that no insurance claims will be necessary by using our services.  At Kraustau we apply best packing and loading techniques reducing possibility of damage to minimum. However as international moves take more time and longer distances; it makes damage more of a possibility. That is way we are happy to provide you with all necessary information with regard to different insurance packages making sure you get the best deal.


We understand that moving abroad might be challenging and rather expensive. We also know that price of moving is one of the most important factors for our customers. That is why we always provide consulting in every step of your move. Moreover we offer a few different options by which the cost of moving abroad may be visibly reduced, making your move cost effective.